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Corporate events, conferences, launch events, galas, company's summer and winter retreats - in person or in virtual

Product promotions, tastings, degustations, samplings, guerilla marketing

Solutions for trade fairs, technical support for festivals


"Elamusstuudio surprises over and over again with their creativity. They offer exciting and unique promotional solutions and can carry them out to a high standard and at short notice if needed. They have proven themselves to be a reliable partner in every way."

—  Heddy Ring, Head of Event Marketing

and Partner Relations Department at Telia

Who we are

Elamusstuudio was created back in 2005 and since then we have organized and run thousands of events and promotional projects. Our work is targeted mainly towards corporate clients and over the years we have helped our clients launch new products and services. We also arrange events that help build strong and positive relationships between clients and their employees and business partners. In addition, we have a strong promotional team of nearly 50 people, who are well trained and are professional representatives to our clients in different B2C campaigns.


Elamusstuudio has always been future oriented and is always searching for innovative and effective ways to meet our clients’ and their customers’ needs. One question we always keep in mind with all these new ideas – WHY? We pride ourselves on not just doing things, but digging deeper and finding ways to excel in meeting our clients’ goals and their expectations of us.  


Although all that information above was written using the word ‘client’,  in reality we consider our clients as our friends with whom we share a sustained journey together.

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